There is a time to dream.
It is the time of four young people from Puglia, used to having a broad gaze, a vast horizon.
That of those born and raised in Puglia, looking at the Tavoliere.
Where wheat has always been at home.
A land from which one runs away very often.
And instead these four young people, who have what it takes and imagination, have dreamed of staying.
To make a paste of that grain.
A pasta that is the joy of living and that lends itself to infinite interpretations.
Just like a Puà.
Because the real wealth is here.

Today Pasta PUA 'broadens its horizons towards new perspectives. The dream becomes shared by creating a network with new realities. PUA ', used to having a broad view, a vast horizon joins with a new reality, ASD ELPIS to continue to enhance the area with the help of disabled children ready to work in our company. A brand that is joy of living and that lends itself to infinite interpretations.

Extruded through bronze dies


Our "double grain" semolina

Thanks to Molino De Vita we obtain semolina as it was once made. With state-of-the-art machinery that guarantees a uniform and excellent quality result. In particular, the grinding cylinders, brought to a low rpm, determine the slow working process which allows to preserve the integrity of the organoleptic characteristics of the product and the natural fragrance and odors. Thus was born the real "double grain" semolina, used to obtain our pasta, which is produced through a whole grinding of the kernels, with a low refining rate and high technological value. The product also retains a high fiber content, a high content of vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidant compounds and high biological value proteins.

Our dry pasta

The bronze drawing allows the surface of the product to be porous, rough, opaque and wrinkled, with the surface covered with starch powder, which results in a greater capacity to retain various types of seasoning. The slow drying of the pasta over 24 hours at very low temperatures also means a greater "hold" of the nutrients of the pasta and the organoleptic qualities of the raw material.

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